Plenty o’ (craft brew) Pubs. Featured Image

Plenty o’ (craft brew) Pubs.

"A town that has craft breweries also has a certain kind of entrepreneur, and a critical mass of mainly young (except for me) customers. You may think I'm joking, but just try to find an exception."

–James Fallows, The Atlantic

And that’s not just our Irish talking.* It’s a fact that keeps cropping up in urban planning and economic develoment circles (may the ever intersect): craft breweries, and their pubs, are a key indicator of a successful city.

We’re excited about the county’s newest kid on the beer block, Overflow Taps in Lynden. It’s one of five tenants that amke up the RMC-designed Waples Mercantile Building, which, as a 100+year-old building made anew, ist he greenest kind of building of all –reason #2 to visit for St. Patricks’ Day. Based on what we’ve heard, you’ll see plenty of our Dutch-Irish neighbors there!

Happy St. Patricks Day,
*McClure, McCornwell & McCarthy