About Us

What’s it like to work with RMC?

We believe architecture should be a celebration of its unique setting—reflecting the values, culture, history, geography, and diversity of people and place. In this way, architecture strengthens community. We seek inspiration from this and add a dash of sustainability, adaptability, and durability to the mix to create projects that endure.

Our firm practice revolves around more than excellent design…it is also client focused. Clear communication, empathetic listening, transparency, and responsiveness are essential. Our clients’ vision, goals, timeline, and budget go hand in hand with a project’s success. Along the way, we aim to make the process enjoyable, and the result, a building that makes everyone proud.

Since putting down Bellingham roots in 1986, RMC has been constantly evolving and extending throughout our region. Our collective experience is comprised of diverse backgrounds in architecture from major cities throughout the US and Canada. We work on projects of varying scales, budgets, and complexities. Although we are gratified by our respected reputation and design work, we never lose sight of the fact that every new project of any size will be the work by which we are judged today.

What’s it like to work at RMC?

RMC’s accomplishments are grounded in our talented staff—most of whom have been with the firm for over a decade. That kind of longevity promotes collaboration and creates a respectful environment where all opinions are valued. From design presentations to volunteering to firm milestones, we look for ways to celebrate our accomplishments and applaud each other’s contributions. We appreciate the beauty our community offers and its idyllic location on the stunning Salish Sea. Understanding that time away is fundamental to the creative process, we strive to make work/life balance a priority.

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