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We love this place.

Like most people here, we love the Bellingham setting and the scenery, the small-town feel, the location just close enough, and just far enough from two, big, beautiful cities. We love the fish and farmland, the berries and dairies, the mountains, the forests, the bay and beyond.

RMC Architects was established in 1986. Three decades in, what makes us most proud is not any one address, or building, or relationship, but the sum total of what they represent: community. This community. Our community: Bellingham, Whatcom County, and our far fourth corner brethren in the stunning Skagit Valley and San Juan Islands.

Building by building, place by place, the built environment forms the backdrop of our lives. The better it is — that is, the more architecture serves to lift, bind and sustain us — the stronger our communities.  We believe that in our bones, and use every project as an opportunity to prove it.