First Congregational Church

ClientFirst Congregational Church, UCC
LocationBellingham, WA
HighlightsChurch Architecture, Religious Institutions, Catholic Churches, Master Planning, Church Renovations, Church Additions, Worship Spaces

The design direction of the church, originally built in the early 1900’s, was determined by its history and relationship with the surrounding community. It also needed to respect the simplicity and grace of the church’s East Coast origins as meeting houses, as well as the congregation’s ties to the existing traditional structure.

Details such as unadorned wall planes, wood trim, and generous use of natural light allow the architecture to maintain a refined, but uncomplicated look. The new worship space was designed in a semicircle configuration to give the members a sense of connection with each other and the chancel. The bell tower was located at the site’s entry point to establish the church’s presence as part of the neighborhood.

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