Waterfront Place | Port of Everett

There’s nothing like a waterfront master plan for generating competing demands: the public wants access, the port wants jobs, the developers want prime parcels. Everyone wants sustainability, while accountability can remain elusive. And don’t forget about fostering a sense of place.

The key is balance of course, and achieving it is all about process: clear guiding principles, skillful communication, heroic community engagement, painstaking synthesis and knowledge of the small moments that make big, mixed-use projects tick. Thus was the revised master plan of Everett’s North Marina Harbor Basin brought into being — revised because the original plan forgot about balance.

The new plan for the 47-acre site is less dense, more boat friendly with job creation at the core: boat basin plus uplands parcel centered on a village heart, with public access woven throughout. The project integrates both mixed-market residential sites, and commercial parcels focused on 50 jobs/acre employment centers.

RMC teamed with Leland Consulting Group to lead the public process.