Taylor Dock Uplands Park

ClientBellingham Parks & Recreation
LocationBellingham, WA
AwardsHonor Award, Waterfront Center, 2007
HighlightsPedestrian- and Bicycle-oriented, Waterfront, Waterfront Park, Picnic Pavilion, Gateway, Docks, Gathering

Taylor Dock Uplands Park is the overwater component that connects Downtown Bellingham with the Fairhaven District, enabling pedestrian and bicycle commuters to access these popular destinations. The project includes three structures: a gateway, a dock with a picnic pavilion, and a landside restroom/storage building in addition to the development of a plaza, small craft float dock, and ADA trail.

Our assignment was to weave neighborhood concerns and pedestrian and bike path safety into an inviting and durable design that reflects the site’s heritage – a former salmon cannery. Materials were selected for durability; to withstand heavy public usage, climate changes, and the marine environment. The site was oriented to accommodate a ramped access trestle placed at the top of the dock to constrict and slow bike and pedestrian movement. The gateway was designed to announce the trail while preserving the views of the uphill residences.

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