ClientMARKETplace Investments LLC
LocationBellingham, WA
HighlightsDowntown Revitalization, Mixed-use, Commercial, Residential, Office, Modern Building Within A Historic Context

MARKETplace was a major player in the revitalization of downtown Bellingham. The high-profile mixed-use commercial/residential building is located at the primary entrance route to the downtown core and literally filled a gap that existed at this prominent location. The previous building was lost during a fire, leaving a gaping hole that impacted the city center’s vitality. Our design goals were to create retail and office spaces on the lower level and multi-family housing on the upper levels to bring people back to the neighborhood.

Commercial retail spaces at street level promote a pedestrian-oriented experience and facilitate an active streetscape. Human-scale windows engage passersby while a medley of materials and textures create a unique sense of place. Providing an array of housing opportunities within a city’s downtown core increases activity on the street after business hours, thereby creating a safer, more vibrant downtown. MARKETplace’s upper floors accommodate 40 residences of varying sizes and amenities to appeal to a mix of tenants. The architecture reflects the diversity of its users and its urban environment while seamlessly blending into an area where historical buildings are prevalent.

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