St. Mary Catholic Church

ClientArchdiocese of Seattle
LocationAnacortes, WA
HighlightsChurch Architecture, Religious Institutions, Catholic Churches, Master Planning, Church Renovations, Church Additions, Worship Spaces

St. Mary’s growing congregation drove the desire to enhance their existing church, built in 1979. The project scope included the addition of a large gathering room, a remodel of the reconciliation room, and expansion of the sacristies and restroom facilities. The design strategy sought to preserve the art glass, liturgical elements, and wood detailing of the existing church, while dramatically changing the interior.

The parishioners also wished to clearly designate the church as the heart of the campus. A new bell tower and ornate custom entry doors mark the church as the primary building in the parish. The new entry space was designed to focus around the centrally located font, strategically placed as a reminder to the congregation of their initiation into the church as they arrive. The existing art glass was relocated within the new design and new wood detailing was also incorporated to maintain the beauty and continuity with the past.

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