Skagit County Seasonal Farmworker Housing Featured Image

Skagit County Seasonal Farmworker Housing

Seasonal Farmworker Housing is located in a rural area in Burlington, Washington, rich with farmlands. The project was designed to honor the Housing Authority of Skagit County’s (HASC) mission to provide dignified shelter to a traditionally underrepresented demographic. To foster both a healthy environment and community atmosphere among residents, the site design provides well-lit outdoor…

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Eleanor Apartments Featured Image

Eleanor Apartments

Bringing eighty new units of senior apartments to the edge of downtown, the Eleanor Apartments also brings new life to an underused corner with features designed to engage people at the street level, such as semi-private access to ground level units, and a variety of landscaping, including a rain garden, a pea patch and a…

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Cornerstone Featured Image


An “urban village” by design and by edict, the Barkley Company and the City of Bellingham share a long-term vision of the Barkley area as a walkable, work-live neighborhood that’s also a destination for the wider community. The Cornerstone helps make the vision real, adding 116 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments to a residential mix…

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22 North Featured Image

22 North

This apartment building serves both homeless youth and the general homeless population. The product of a collaboration between Northwest Youth Services (NWYS) and The Opportunity Council, the project offers wrap-around support services to help residents meet their goals and support them on their journey to independence and prosperity. Half the apartments are reserved for NWYS…

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Mt. Baker Apartments Featured Image

Mt. Baker Apartments

Mt. Baker Apartments serves low-income residents in downtown Bellingham. Working with Dawson Construction using an Integrated Design Process (IDP), the 1929 building now has upgraded security, electrical and heating, a better elevator, remodeled units, a new roof — and a new listing on the National Register of Historic Places. With the early coordination and collaboration…

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Hope House Featured Image

Hope House

Hope House provides a place to “shop” free of charge for personal and household goods using vouchers issued to people in need across Whatcom County. The design aligns with the residential character of the neighborhood, with a brick base that ties to the distinctive red-brick church campus just west of the building.

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Samish Commons Featured Image

Samish Commons

With the development of Bellingham’s Aloha site on Samish Way comes 160 units of mixed-income housing — including room for seniors and families —and one important step toward transforming this drive-by district into a more connected neighborhood that encourages pedestrian activity. Townhomes and apartments backed by structured parking face the area’s residential edge, while retail…

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Drake Condominiums Featured Image

Drake Condominiums

The Drake was the first mixed-use commercial/residential building in the Barkley District and set the tone for future residential projects. The client wanted to provide living opportunities for people who work in the neighborhood and create more density in the growing, urban area. The project includes three levels of one-bedroom and studio condominiums over two…

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Green Communities Featured Image

Green Communities

RMC worked with the Bellingham Housing Authority to increase sustainability of three of their largest properties. Employing an integrated design approach, RMC guided the Green Communities Project involving a diverse team of engineers, consultants, and contractors at all stages of the design process. This collaboration delivered a complex project within a rigorous funding schedule. Major…

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Telegraph Townhomes Featured Image

Telegraph Townhomes

Telegraph Townhomes is a model of affordable housing for the community, by the community, to strengthen community. Planning and design centers on optimizing the key qualities of strong neighborhoods — connections to each other, local assets and transportation routes — in an easy-to-build envelope that helps conserve energy and preserve nature. Key partners in the…

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Ferndale Square Featured Image

Ferndale Square

RMC worked with Mercy Housing to improve Ferndale Square, an existing 40 year old, three-building, 30 unit apartment complex. Units are two story townhomes. The scope of the work included extensive building envelope upgrades: new roofs at entries, new siding layouts, and new fencing at front entry courts; as well as new finishes and appliances…

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Orleans Place Featured Image

Orleans Place

Repairing and enhancing a facility has the bonus effect of rejuvenating the spirits of the people who inhabit it. For these two, 12-unit affordable housing buildings, RMC addressed major deficiencies in walkways, decks and the building envelope, increasing energy efficiency, upgrading appliances, incorporating native landscaping and adding a small community room along the way.

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Walton Place Featured Image

Walton Place

Walton Place One + Two are significant housing projects in downtown Bellingham on a site that was previously a busy warehouse distribution center. The two phases include 91 units of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments plus common spaces such as an activity room and community living room. Walton Place was subject to design review guidelines…

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The Ground Floor Featured Image

The Ground Floor

The Ground Floor is a project of First Congregational Church Bellingham, which is dedicating a part of its building for use in perpetuity by a nonprofit. For the foreseeable future, that nonprofit will be Northwest Youth Services, which will use the space as a day center for homeless youth. The center will offer a safe,…

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Northwest Corner Featured Image

Northwest Corner

The key to making the most of your investment lies in information: know what you’re facing, explore multiple options, understand the trade-offs and make informed decisions. That’s how RMC tackled the improvements to 40 buildings and 469 units in seven, 20-year-old properties owned by the Bellingham Housing Authority. A capital needs assessment included thorough site…

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10th + Taylor Condominiums Featured Image

10th + Taylor Condominiums

The design of these 12 luxury condominiums in Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven District provides owners with amenities that set them apart from similar structures in this region. The unit size, use of natural light, and connection to outdoor areas make 10th and Taylor Condominiums unique. Each unit is 2,000 – 2,200 square feet and includes open…

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Bellevue Residence Featured Image

Bellevue Residence

Strict covenants regarding lot coverage and building height are intended to uphold the simple, gracious character of this 1950s-era, city neighborhood just a stone’s throw from downtown Bellevue. The low-pitched, gabled roof forms that grew out of these requirements were a major determinant in the spirit of the design for this empty-nester residence. The result…

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Chuckanut Bay View Home Featured Image

Chuckanut Bay View Home

The clients wanted their home and guest/pool house to reflect their extensive travels in Asia, using materials, forms, and site relationships found in that culture and reinterpreted for our Northwest region. The juxtaposition of the buildings allows the landscape to flow between them, enhancing views of Chuckanut Bay from the interior spaces.

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Lakeside Family Retreat Featured Image

Lakeside Family Retreat

This family vacation retreat is located on the shores of Lake Goodwin. The two homes required a sense of continuity while expressing each family’s individuality. In the spirit of outdoor living, we created spaces that flowed easily from interior to exterior while maintaining each family’s privacy.

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Lake Samish Retreat Featured Image

Lake Samish Retreat

The architectural challenge for this project was to transform a 600 square foot bachelor home into a 2,600 square foot family home without losing its simplicity. To achieve this, the design juxtaposes the modern sensibilities of clean lines and open spaces with the exposed wood theme of the original cabin. The home is composed of…

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Samish Highlands Residence Featured Image

Samish Highlands Residence

Our design celebrates this project’s ideal site replete with views, and places a contemporary spin on the owner’s request for a lodge theme. Our philosophy for residential architecture is always to be inclusive of our clients’ interests, aesthetics, and lifestyle. For this Samish Highlands project, that philosophy translated into providing ample wall space without relinquishing…

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